Heading South

mollihawk's shadow
eddie nicholson
Fri 1 Aug 2014 21:26
We had our first drop of rain as the new crew arrived and saw off the sun tanned girls!
currently at 69:02.30N 51:18.15W
The ship is stocked with all the food necessary for the trip home and full of Gas, Diesel and as we filled up our water tanks we noticed that the crane for lifting the boxes of Halibut out of the fishing boats above us was hitting off our VHF ariel at the top of the mast, we reversed cautiously out.
The fog had risen and fallen all day today so the trip to the glacier was less than expected for the new recruits but we made up by motoring around to see it by sea and the fog obliged.
We are heading South now (@18.00) and had hoped to call into Norde Huse  ( Avannaarliit !)  but as the pilot indicates that there are rocks uncharted in the area and as the fog has descended again we are giving it a skip and motoring to Christianshab (Qasigiannguit) instead. You can see we choose the easiest name we can pronounce sometimes in Greenlandic and sometimes in Norwegian.
We had a glass of bubbly at 17.00 compliments of a Cruise liner ‘Bremen’ who was anchored in our path and the guests were being whizzed around in ribs , which finished with a glass of champers before redocking. We cruised up to the Bar (rib) and had a chat to the crew while they waited for their guests to arrive and exchanged a drink for a MHS crew T shirt!
Shortly after leaving them the fog descended again and we wondered if the ribs which were about 8 in all, ever found the floating bar as they couldn’t even see the mother ship!
We now are motoring along with the radar and the chart up in total fog but in no wind so all is well, cept that the Gin for Happy Hour was put on hold!