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eddie nicholson
Mon 21 Jul 2014 05:35
It was a-board decision to alter course and go to Sisimuit after all  and not head North at a rate of knots. Taken as soon as I had written my blog of course. We made the decision for two reasons firstly the number one rule up here is get diesel whenever you can and have enough to get to the port after the one you are heading for. We didn’t have that much diesel aboard, secondly Harry had a map of a hike which led up a mountain behind Sisimuit and we all needed to stretch our legs.
We had our celebrations as we crossed the Arctic Circle and thank you to all who sent details of the exact height even the wikipedia links but you were all too late getting back to us so we chose the Hod’s option of a long drink to be sure! and went fishing.
As we lolled around in glassy waters we noticed a speed boat in the distance and then heard a gun shot! Yes this is the Iniuit way and we discovered when we got ashore that all the locals carry a number of guns aboard for fishing.
Seals are the only thing they could be shooting.
Sisimuit is the second largest village to Nuuk (the Capital) and has a population of 5,500 people and nearly as many husky dogs, who all howl at once! It is the centre of sledging in the winter and is confined now to just a hobby, in the Summer the dogs seem to just be tied up. We arrived in at 10pm in broad daylight and anchored in a bay outside the port. We had a good walk around but as all was closed we headed back for a nightcap at midnight still in broad daylight! But not before noticing the harpoons fitted to the bows of the big trawlers on the pier, we saw evidence of whales on a few trawlers. Life is about survival up here and fishing is the only opportunity to survive, so it is hard to condemn them for living off the sea in what ever manner they see fit.
The preparations for the hike started early first the sun cream went on and then as much Mossie spray as possible
The theory was he who smelt more attractive would be eaten first, and they were waiting for us as we opened the hatchway! With our packs on our backs we got walking.
We hiked out through the village and around a couple of lakes before we got to base camp, more mossie spray (they swarm around you as you walk) and we started up the mountain.
There is almost no snow around and the rock is very shaley but a worn path led the way.
Out of nowhere we heard a crack of thunder-like noise and an avalanche of rock came down. Later on we passed several screeds of rock which had fallen and heard more rock avalanches.
After 5 hours we were all knackered and had lunch out as a treat before stocking up in food +(a few local fish delicacies one shot and one caught) , heading to the boat to refuel.
We left at 1700 and had a good Southerly breeze behind us for our first lively sail in 25 knots.
Now at 0300 the wind has died and we are back to motoring. We are heading for Aasiaat and should be there this afternoon.
The sea had got quite warm at 3.2 degrees and Harry was threatening to do some swim training for the upcoming Thomond Swim but the now back down to –0.02 I think Harry is rethinking things!