heading back south to see the Whales

mollihawk's shadow
eddie nicholson
Sun 27 Jul 2014 15:46
69:45.00N 50:52.45W 
A party went for another hike up the hills to find the lake which is said to be the best trout fishing spot in all of Greenland.
No suitable fishing gear was the reason given for not attempting the lake. We have boxes of tackle but this is suitable for the larger species I'm told, not a Whale I hope!
Carla and Eddie instead pumped up the 2 canoes we bought second hand in Lewisporte and paddled amongst the icebergs! WOW never wanting to stop it is to die for as Dermot would say.
Now we head back South into Disco Bay through a sea of big bergs but no real brash ice to the bottom of the peninsular where it is popular to view whales. Hopefully we will be successful.