Allen's cove marina NEWFOUNDLAND 48:57.89N 58:01.21W

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eddie nicholson
Sat 14 Jul 2012 22:54

Leaving Baddeck Marina behind us Wednesday night we sailed out ( more like glided down , with a light breeze and a bit of tide behind us, amazingly peaceful in the moonlight) the Great Bras d'Or lake to Otter Island where we lay anchor in a small protected bay.
At 4 am Mike and Eddie raised the anchor and we headed by motor under the last bridge to Ingonish harbour for breakfast.The rising sun producing a fantastic pink and orange sky, missed by the heavier sleepers of the crew!
On approach there was a fierce flurry of lobster boat activity which we later discovered was the last day of the two month season, the chef decided that Lobby was on the menu again and we bought from the fishermen and cooked off 4 lobsters which were to provide lunch for the next 2 days!
Behind us in Ingonish was a ski resort! Very green at this time of year but a challenge our legs badly needed. From the top of Cape Smokey , the 2 run ski resort we had a massive view of the area around and our boat below.

By 5pm we were on our way to cross the Cabbot Straight en route to Newfoundland, not

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a local favourite event and while it wasn't too bad it rolled us around a bit like a tumbler dryer for the night, by the following evening after a successful mackereling at the entrance to the Bay of Islands and some close up's of pilot whales all around us, we set anchor in the harbour of Woods Island. A very tricky entrance but it opened into a small bay with a rickety pontoon and 3 wooden shacks, owned by the Hacketts, Furlongs and Dunnes. Only one farmer stayed after the resettlement programme in the 60's and his farm is still active today( a herd of 15 goats!)
The next generation are making their way back now and reclaiming their plots as holiday homes.

The Cod season starts next week and Dermot Is blaming the lack of catch on the this fact!!
Saturday night and here we are cruising down the long fjord to Cornerbrook the second biggest town of Newfoundland, the sun setting and the mussels and mackerel are the dinner with a bottle of Yellow tail hod's favourite ( quantity v quality). The cost of alcohol here would put you off good quality wines.