65:33.58N 53:35.84W

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eddie nicholson
Sat 19 Jul 2014 12:20
I recall Pat Falvey telling an audience when asked about hygiene issues on Everest that after a week he turned his underpants inside out. We are nearly at a week!
As we continue to motor North overnight and through the morning in glassy water conditions, we are passing many villages and recommended anchorages which we hope to visit on the way back down. Sisimiut, Tunu (Hamburger Sound!), Appamiut, Taateraat Sermiat glacier.
For now we are determined to push North to Disko Bay which is 200 miles ahead  at 68 degrees. At 8 knots we will be there this time tomorrow. We have been told of a passage through the islands which we will take as we approach Kangeq Island up at nearly 67 degrees and come out at Aasiaat. By then we will have passed through the Artic circle and for all that will warrant a toast to the Northern Gods. There is much discussion aboard as to the exact latitude of the circle and without the benefit of Google and no mention of it on our detailed maps we have only an approx. of 66.5N, that’s 10 hours away. Mike suggests we start early and go late to ensure we don’t miss it!
The scenery as we look in land is absolutely stunning, the coast line is lined with jagged snow covered mountain tops and glaciers all leading into the sea and with the early morning sun catching the peaks, you just can’t take your eyes off them. The bergs are gone and we don’t expect to see ice again until we get to Disko.
We see now why there are no roads joining the villages and the only method of travel is by ferry which run up and down the coast regularly, the longest road in the whole of Greenland is 8 km which leads you to the airport in Kangerlussuaq.
there is a call from the galley for Scrambled  egg, must go.