52:53.08N 52:47.04W Labrador Sea

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eddie nicholson
Sat 12 Jul 2014 19:51
As we head into our second night at sea we are doing more motoring than we would like as the winds are very light.
We have had some good stretches under sail with our code zero up and achieving an average speed of 6.5kn.
The sky’s are clear and while it is getting quite cold at night the sun continues to keep us warm and cheery by day.
We have passed a few large bergs which are very majestic and we are glad to see them appearing on the radar ( it’s the small growlers we worry about as they don’t register), our newly fitted AIS accounts for all the fishing and cargo vessels around us.
Halibut is the what they are fishing for here with mile and a half long nets lying on the bottom.
The Sea temperature has dropped from 4.6 degrees when Harry and Eddie swam in Lewisporte to a brisk 3 degrees, Harry’s not so keen off the back of the boat now!
But with the water maker in full swing thanks to Mike and much help from Johnny Walsh back home we have plenty of fresh ready CHILLED water.
We picked up some ice from a passing Iceberg today, so when the Pub opens tonight for Happy Hour it’s GnT’s with some fresh 2000 year old ice!
beat that one Mr.Jameson.
ahh there is the  hooter for Happy Hour, must go!
Pray for a bit more wind from the West please.
    Bye for a while.