60:24.24N 46:35.11W

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eddie nicholson
Wed 16 Jul 2014 18:40
As our sixth day at sea approaches its mid day mark we are positioned 15 miles out of Greenland’s Qaqortoq (don’t ask us to pronounce it!)
Wally the walrus was spotted in the water close to the boat today, the first sighting of one such creature, we did see a seal on an iceberg  a few days ago.
The weather is very stable with a calm sea, no wind worth mentioning and a fog that comes and goes.
Large iceberg and bergy bits are all around us, so an eagle eye is necessary at the wheel as we motor past them.
Local time here is 1600 (1900 Irish time) and it will only get dark tonight at 2300 , it was bright as day at 0300 this morning which feels kind of funny and with our 24 hour watch system we don’t really know where we are with the day.Best hint we have is that we have porridge at breakfast time!
We are burning a litre of Diesel for every 1.6 miles travelled. This has been the most carefully monitored commodity aboard since we realised that the winds were not coming to help us along. Today we ran the last of our main tanks down to 10 litres to be sure that the calibration on the tank monitors was correct, (well done John W you set them perfectly)  We have just emptied the last of our reserve diesel and have 56 litres total now as I look at the monitor to get us in, we have re run the maths a few times and are happy we’ll make it.
We are experts now as to how much diesel the engine burns at the different levels of revs against the speed achieved!!
I don’t mind telling you for several days I thought plan B would have to be enacted. (what ever that would have been!) The current has also played over its part over the week,coming and going adding and subtracting from our SOG (speed over the ground)
Our total diesel capacity aboard is 416 liters and we have 60 litres back up. We have travelled 767 miles (do the maths!)
Skin of an oiley rag comes to mind.
The plan now is to refuel, get a bite to eat ashore and head off North to Disco.
This is approx. 570 miles, with a good few options to call in to refuel if required, thank Goodness.
We still don’t know what the score was in the World Cup, we have a feeling Ms.Merkel is celebrating.