like Eric the Red we Landed in Qaqortoq

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eddie nicholson
Thu 17 Jul 2014 09:44
Pronounced Quock-a-tock positioned at 60:43.20N 46:02.10W we motored in to our first landing in Greenland on near empty diesel tanks last night. A beautifully picturesque village set in the mountain side with brightly coloured buildings.
Very Nordic in style and very different from the Newfoundlanders. All cheery and colourful.
The big difference we noticed was that the kids were out and about playing till all hours, we never saw any children out when we were in Newfoundland
We now have the boat fully charged again with diesel and purchased an extra 5 jerry cans to give us 100L more than before. We had called ahead to ensure that the harbour was clear of ice and we learnt from a fisherman that only last week the bay was still full of sea ice!
After a tasty Thai meal of spicy Reindeer in the only restaurant in the willage we got an early night (but still bright outside).
Back on the high seas again we are, having left at 0400 local time, still no wind around so we will need all the diesel to get up to Ilulissat in Disco Bay 625 miles North I’m guessing.
We are on full alert as we make passage around these parts cos the icebergs are all around us at present, all this glacier ice has come from East Greenland and is carried by the prevailing current into West Greenland. As we progress North the bergs will disappear until we arrive into Disco Bay where the glaciers from the North calve and travel Southwards.
More anon and foto’s soon I hope