mollihawk's shadow
eddie nicholson
Fri 25 Jul 2014 21:12
We have headed North for Atta Sound in glassy calm waters and the sun out.
First stop is Rode Bay for lunch with only a handful of houses all built on rock as it the way here, they are known for their whaling facilities.
This is where they still draw up the whales when they are caught in this area and cut the carcasses up for distribution to the fish shops, restaurants and locals who buy it in bulk and freeze. We were told that a Fin whale was caught the other day and the restaurant we were in bought 75Kg’s.
On the island we saw several packs of dogs all chained up and thankfully, otherwise one would not confidently walk around as some tourists were bitten recently when they attempted to feed them, and rabies wouldn’t be far away!
Off again and we are currently motoring through brash ice to get to Atta Sound (before dark!!)but we keep stopping to take photo’s and last stop was to celebrate Susie O’M’s Birthday with a glass of  bubbly amongst the ice, a sight never to be forgotten, Happy Birthday Susie.