George Town delights

Thu 25 Mar 2010 15:06
We partook of the many delights of the George Town area yesterday, without haste or any need to anything in particular.

We spent a long lovely morning at the Sound side beach yesterday, swimming, snorkeling, bodysurfing, and collecting hundreds of tiny jewl-like shells. The surf rolled in gently enough to play in, and filled the air with its sound as it broke on shore. It was the first time we felt like we actually just relaxed and spent a day at the beach. We hiked along a trail on the clifftops overlooking the Sound, with stunning views of the water changing from light turquoise dappled
with reefs, to deep azure in the distance, where a few sails passed along the horizon.

Yesterday afternoon we actually played some volleyball, and the girls found friends their age to play with -- swinging on a ropeswing from a tree like a tribe of monkeys, then swimming off the beach, and generally rampaging without parents hovering nearby. A good time being had by all. George Town is known for its pack of cruising kids. A big bonus or families. The girls are absolutely delighted and don't want to leave.

I (Garth) offered to help Bob Ahlers remove the lower unit on his dinghy outboard to fix a water pump problem, and I managed to break off a bolt, leaving him stuck with an even more difficult-to-fix problem. I felt a bit like Homer Simpson.

We'll need to start back north soon, probably today around noon, or tomorrow latest. It feels a bit melancholy to make the turn-around, but we feel quite joyous that we have about three more weeks to go. We'll try to see as many new places on the way back as possible, so it won't *really* be like turning around. . . .