Sea Fever emerges from the barn

Tue 26 Jan 2010 14:36
We had one of those freak January thaws from Sunday night all through Monday (yesterday). It rained heavily, winds gusted over 40 mph, and the temperatures rose into the 40s. Nearly all the existing snowpack melted off, and the streams are flooding.

The girls were like colts in springtime, seeing the grass again. They went out and galloped around the yard.

Just before sunset yesterday, we saw a rainbow over the last of the snow -- what a rare and joyful sight in January. Surely a good omen.

Then temperatures dropped and the ground froze hard overnight. More snow was forecast for later today, and for the rest of the week. We knew that today was the day to get "Sea Fever" out of the barn, in the narrow window between the old snow and the new snow.

It all went very smoothly, just like a fine day in July -- except for the snow flurries whirling around us.

So now the boat is out in the yard, pointing down the driveway, and tarped to keep out the snow.

We're VERY happy to have this task crossed off the list. On to the next. . . .