Photos -- Black Point, Little Farmers, Rolleville, G-town

Tue 23 Mar 2010 18:14
Maya, a new friend made at the laundromat in Black Point.
Supply boat unloading at Black Point.
Entering Betty Roe's Garden of Eden.
Straw weaving.
Sailing south to Little Farmer's Cay
At Little Farmers -- both poptop and awning are up, expanding our strange Swiss Army knife of a boat to its maximum extent.
Sometimes Rosie likes to sit in Amazon to do her homework -- sort of a home office.
Little Farmer's Cay. We went up to the Ocean Cabin seen in the background here, where Ernestine, the owner, taught us tio sing the Little Farmers song -- an anthem set to a reggae beat.
A visit from Bill Edelstein and Laddie.
Amazon surfing on waves behind us as we sailed to Barraterre. At times she seemed to rise higher than our heads.
We caught half a fish. "Where's the rest of me??"
Our anchorage at a little beach near Square Rock.
Octopus. A bit hard to see as the surface of the water was shimmery from the wind.
Schoolmaster -- it's what's for dinner.
We use the "Macro" setting on our camera to zoom in on some tiny tiny shells. These things are incredibly intricate, but almost impossible to appreciate with the naked eye.
Isabel investigating another coral garden.
Ice cream in Barraterre.
Another big starfish.
Sailing with the girls
It's all the rage in Paris. . . .
On the sandflats near Rolleville.
A visit with Fabian, Aerion, Craig, Tyler, and Julian.
Rosie resting en route to George Town
Arriving in Elizabeth Harbor.
Helpful sign post.
One of several herds of boats.
The Straw Market.