Staniel Cay

Thu 11 Mar 2010 17:36
24:10:17 N
76:26:40.4 W

As you can see, we've found WiFi access! We need to catch up on a couple of days of photos still in the camera, but we have 24 hours internet access for $10.

We're in Staniel Cay, a thriving friendly Bahamian town with many visiting cruisers. We just got back from the local grocery store, where ice cream was purchased and eaten in quantity; and we were able to stock up on fruits and vegetables.

There's nasty weather predicted for the next day or two, so we'll need to move somewhere nearby for better shelter this evening. For now we're glad to be right on the beach near the heart of town.

Earlier today we got to visit the swimming pigs at Big Major's Spot. Two of them came down to meet us. They swam out to the boat (just a few feet off shore). They were voracious eaters of pretzels and bread scraps; and quite comical in their grunts, squeals, and snorts. We wanted to bring them home with us. . . .

More soon.