Photos -- Shroud, Hawksbill, and arrival at Warderick Wells

Thu 11 Mar 2010 17:27
Giant hermit crab. We're thinking of entering him in the Delaware County Fair. Sure to take the blue ribbon.
Local volcano? Just the remains of our campfire.
Underside of a King Helmet:
Another visit to the Underwater Garden:
Slipper lobster. We let him go after his photo op.
Porcupine fish sharing a hole with a Queen Angel Fish.
Coral and sponges:
Shallow-draft King of the Bahamas, at Shroud Cay.
Playing on the flats at sunset, Shroud Cay.
Sailing among the mangroves. We called it a mangrove "swamp" but really the stream through it was wide and sandy-bottomed, with clear water.
View over Shroud Cay from Camp Driftwood. Our anchorage is somewhere near the far right edge of the land.
Well on Shroud:
Amazon at "Rose Island":
School of fish:
Sailing to Warderick Wells. I just love the shape of the mainsail.
Rosie at the tiller:
When I was out wading in the shallows at Warderick to move the anchor, this ray swam right by me. He was about 5 feet across. Magnificent creature.