Photos -- Gulf Stream crossing and Andros

Thu 11 Mar 2010 17:19
Sunrise over the Gulf Stream. We put the dinghy on the cabintop on the advice of Steve Harris and Louis Starrs, both of whom advised that for long crossings it would be safer -- no danger of dinghy flipping or cutting loose -- and would allow us to move faster. It worked out very well. We didn't put it in the water till we arrived at Allen's Cay. 
The girls writing in their journals while crossing Gulf Stream.
Isabel steering us to Bimini:
Approaching Bimini. Our minds boggle at the water color.
Almost bedtime as we press on across the Banks toward Andros.
Lunchtime swim with no land in sight. Just another 15 miles or so to Morgan's Bluff.
Boat aground off Joulter's Cay. We passed in close, hailed them on the VHF, sounded our airhorn to see if they needed assistance. No one emerged. We figure it has been there for a while and all got to land already. Too shallow and too wavy to get right in there to look on board
At last -- arrival in Morgan's Bluff.
Awning up for a rainy day. That awning is the pride of my cheapskate heart: $10 white polytarp, $5 for 3/4" PVC pipe.
Beach walk at Morgan's Bluff:
Capt. Henry Morgan's cave. Excellent pirate hideout.
Conch shells.
Part of the Regatta fairgrounds:
Tugboat and derelict near water tanker pier:
The water tanker arriving for its nightly load of 4 million gallons to take to Nassau: