Calm morning at Allen's Cay

Fri 26 Feb 2010 11:52
Sorry for the hastily, queasily written post from last night. This morning the seas have calmed down to a gentle swell. The wind has mellowed and the temp is cool. We're watching as the other boats farther up in Allen's Cay pull up anchor and head out. We'll be doing the same, after giving the girls some beach time.

A few questions that may have been prompted by last night post. Why didn't we all stay ashore? We didn't want to leave the boat. SW Allen's key is shaped like a U. The sides of the U are ironshore, the sharp limestone formations that would shred a boat if it drifted into land. The way the wind was blowing, if our anchor dragged or the line broke, we would have hit ironshore. The big beach at the back of the U had waves breaking on it. The little beach Garth did take the girls to was a tiny one on the west side of the U, closest to the boat. At low tide it was easy to walk ashore, but at higher tide we worried it would be too rough. Taking the dinghy ashore was out of the question because conditions were too rough.

Garth is making tea this morning. We're back to a deck that lays still enough for cooking. (We cook in the cockpit.)

Highborne may have internet service for $10 a day. If so, we'll post some photos.

We hear there's a big storm coming at home. I hope everyone stays safe and warm. I'm sorry we're going to miss it. We would all have rather been home in a snowstorm than in a tossed about all day like socks in a washing machine. But we're a bit wiser now and will make sure we're somewhere safe for the next storm.