Iridium phone makes a data call!

Sat 13 Feb 2010 17:39
If you just heard a loud high-pitched sound outside your windows -- whether you are in Halcottsville or Roxbury or Waterford CT, or Miami -- that was me, whooping with joy when the Iridium phone finally made a data call. All three of the serial cables I had ordered arrived in today's mail. I hooked one up, went outside, set the antenna on top of the plow truck and dialed a data call. Success! The computer sent one email and collected 13 in about a minute.

Here's a picture of the crazy Rube Goldberg contraption necessary to make data calls. The Tripp Lite USB adapter was really the magic ingredient. It worked where two other USB adapters failed. And then I just had to wait three days to get the serial cable that allowed me to connect it to the phone.


I'm very happy. NOW we can go sailing.