A word from Isabel

Sun 14 Feb 2010 01:43
My class and teacher, Miss Sullivan, threw me a going away party. We had delicious food like cupcakes ans cookies. I stood up in front of the class and answered questions that people asked. These are some of the questions asked and my answers:

Q: How do you cook your food?      A: We cook on a couple of camping stoves. We cook in the cockpit (the outdoor part) and mostly eat there to.

Q: What kind of fuel do your stoves burn?   A: At the time I forgot the answer and said um..., but the answer is Propane.

Q:  Do you have a shower?   A: We do not have a built-in shower, but we have a portable black hand-pump shower.

Q: Do you wear life vests?    A: Yes.

Q: What other safety precautions do you take?   A: For crossing the Gulf Stream, we will have harnesses attached to straps that are bolted to the boat. We also have a lifeline to keep you from falling out the back of the boat, and we have railings.

Q: How long is your boat?   A: 31 feet.

Q: How many rooms are in your boat?   A: They are not really rooms, but compartments. In the front, there is one that Rose and I sleep in, a small one for the bathroom, that is across the way from another small part where we keep charts, electronics, and some food. The main part is where we store stuff and where my mom and dad sleep.

Q: Do you have a bathroom?   A: Yes, but it is small.

I am really going to miss everyone. I loved my party. I will write more about our trip soon.