On the road again.

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Tue 23 Jun 2015 12:43

13:11.525S 142:13.242W
Finally we have left the Nuka Hiva "four seasons in one
day" bay, the island actually turned on a beautiful day for us
to leave! We are now into our second night, and wait for
it......... the sea state has moderated and the wind is on the beam at
10-15 knts, after the first twenty four hours this is heaven, we got a pretty awful
start from NH, the sea was slapping us around, add to that the continuous high
winds, frequent squalls etc, did not make for a happy start, although the mileage was pretty good at 188nm in the first 24hrs Rehua was up
for sale at a very competitive price on a few occasions. Still, nothing
broken and the spirits have lifted considerably. Long may this last!
At the moment the plan is to head as far east in the Tuamotoes as the wind will allow, that means tonight's
target is Raroia, we'll see what transpires tomorrow, the wind is supposed
to back and fall off soon.
News, we finally got our water-maker membrane delivered after the French
Polynesians extorted an unearthly import, export levy on us, only to
discover it wasn't the right one, never trust the supplier when they say
"this is the same membrane we supply to Spectra of course it will fit, my
fiddle it will fit, after some f'ing and blinding I set too with
drills and files and made it fit, the result is fantasic, 320PPM down from
800+, increased volume by 30% and pump pressure dropped by 25% woohoo, there
is a god!
Pictures to follow when the good ship reaches civilisation again.
Rehua heading south.