Islas de Aves

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Sun 1 Mar 2015 17:51
11:56.67N 67:26.32W

Passage from Grenada to ABC islands.
We left Grenada around 11 am on Thursday 26 February. Some good wind and decent waves (not too big but just enough to surf on) made for a pleasant crossing. We got good averages of 7 to 8 knots and switched between the genoa and the code zero several times. The first night was tough but we soon got back into the routine of 3 hour shifts. We decided to stop in Islas de Aves, two separate little island archipelagos. We were advised not to stop in Los Roques because of the political situation in Venezuela but these two offshore islands just 50 miles before Bonaire looked too tempting (as did a proper night sleep after 48 hours at sea!). We weren't disappointed. The islands got their name from the large number of birds that live here and they are perched by hundreds in the dense mangrove forests. There is a huge reef protecting the islands creating beautiful turquoise coloured lagoons full of colourful fish. We are anchored in a little bay alongside our buddy boat and two other yachts (one Swiss and one Canadian). Last night we all met on the beach in front of huge bonfire, the children made their own little fire and had a great time adding more wood to the fire and burning sticks. We might stay here for a few days to enjoy these remote and beautiful islands before we continue to the ABC.