12:27.84N 47:50.43W

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Mon 12 Jan 2015 16:36
Day 9...1498NM
Lots of squalls last night which I always find a bit scary but it was fine really. I was doing the early shift and Seathan was sleeping outside in the cockpit. We still only had the genoa up and as there were so many we just rolled it up and put the engines on for a few hours until they were all gone. The rest of the night was pretty quiet apart from the occasional flying fish landing on deck. It's beautiful and sunny today but still windy (25 knots) and the waves continue to be big. We're all dreaming of the Caribbean and looking forward to drop our anchor in a lovely bay. The kids are brilliant, they keep themselves busy all day playing. One day it's playmobil, the next it's lego and today they are reading comics (and me too!).
Skips corner.
Meanwhile in the engine compartment, that's the one the size of four shoe boxes, I am arse up and head down with a torch in my teeth trying to diagnose a leak, and now that I have found the source, does anyone have a raw water pump shaft seal for a Yanmar 3YM30, back to the bilge, more tomorrow!
P.S. parents don't panic we can get through the next week without the pump :-)