Re: 800 miles to go

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Mon 25 May 2015 11:40
8:16.76S 124:38.00W

Where we are @ 10:00 UTC
08:16'.760 S 124:38'.000 W
COG 260 T (were heading for the mark, 820 nm wey hey)
SOG 7+ knts
Sea confused and lumpy some sets from SE are large, but mostly the cross
swell on top is the pain.
Wind, really steady 16-20 knts cracking sailing lets hope it lasts!
Today was double reefer day, twice the system let us down, twice I dismantled the boom in none too flat water, not fun, to top it all off the fishing line went berserk halfway through the second attempt, but at least we landed this one, beautiful fat Tuna!!
Our two buddy boats are in Hiva Oa enjoying the spoils, lets hope we can join them in a few days!
All's well aboard the good ship Rehua _/)_