Re: 12:44.32N 53:25.75W

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Wed 14 Jan 2015 20:00
Water, wind and waves!
There is only so much you can write on the subject, so lets give the elements a break today, suffice to say its Groundhog!!
We've run 1834 nm and have 455 nm to crack the pond. Burning subject matter that we discuss out here, what are we going to eat first? Will the second rum be as good as the first? Did you see a mutinous glint in the boys eyes today? Who did your hair this morning darling?
This morning, after sunrise, I was cleaning the flying fish from the deck before they got too high, they are excellent eating by the way, better than sardines, after I was finished I noticed the smell still lingering aft, so I washed down with salt water and left it at that, no good, the smell just kept getting stronger so I scrubbed down the Dorado corner again, no joy, after much contemplation there appeared only one solution.........the dingy, no not possible thinks I, that's a 10 foot jump for a 6" fish, anyway after digging out all the boat refuse and fenders and shoes and ropes and anchors and etc, there they were, three kamikaze flying fish in varying states of decay, remember this is day 10, phew!
Here is a useless fact to muse over till tomorrow, if a Cumulus cloud is taller than it's ground clearance it will rain on you, if not leave the umbrella at home.
Rehua standing by!