Great start

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Sat 16 May 2015 17:06
5:0.22S 101:48.49W
SOG 8knts
COG 255

Well we're having a great start to our crossing to the Marquesas, still getting good speeds and knocking away the miles. Long may it last! After four nights we're all used to the routine at sea again. We're managing to stay within a few miles of our buddy boat Toucan and it's nice to travel together and have the occasional chat over the VHF. Yesterday was a beautiful day, flatter seas, sunshine, a good breeze and some favourable currents. What more could we ask for? I've gotten into reading the Jack Aubry series by Patrick O'Brian, fantastic reading and there's 21 books in the series which should keep me quiet until the Marquesas :-) Tyrii is reading lots of books too on his kindle and after re-reading the Percy Jackson series and devouring "Animal Farm" in one day he is now into Alex Rider, the MI6 spy. Aeneas is building a marina out of blocks and playmobil as I write and everyone has a healthy appetite which keeps us busy in the galley too!