in the middle of the Pacific

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Thu 21 May 2015 21:08
6:51.58S 115:01.87W
SOG 8.0knts
COG 270T
We're in the middle of the Pacific, as far away as one can get from civilisation. It's a strange feeling! It was surprising to see a pod of dolphins and a small whale yesterday, so far way from land. There are also some seabirds around and every morning our deck is littered with the remains of flying fishes and flying octopuses.

We're making good progress and are starting to fantasize about landfall already... We have daily interboat emails with the others that are crossing the Pacific at this moment too and some of the conversations are hilarious and getting more weird by the day. We are a mad lot out here. We have been questioning our sanity levels on this leg, and we are content knowing that this trip is not for everybody, you have to like each other , a lot, you don't mind wearing the same clothes day after day, no one is coming to visit after all, or not washing your hair daily, you are happy to be thrown around your small home all day and not complain. Pots and pans that fly become mortal enemies, a toilet that John Wayne would have had trouble staying with, it's all part of what makes the arrival so worth while!

The last few nights have been fairly quiet and we're feeling a bit more rested. Yesterday was a busy day on Rehua: washing clothes, baking bread, cleaning the boat, shower for everyone ... Today is another lazy day. Oh well. The kids are doing great and today is Lego day (the last few days was all about playmobil and blocks). So I guess we can't complain and hopefully we can keep up this speed for the second half of the crossing too!