13:06.53N 57:44.72W

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Fri 16 Jan 2015 16:23
Day 13 ... 2077NM so far... 202NM to go... sea water is 32.6 degrees!

We had hoped to arrive on Saturday (tomorrow) but it looks like it might take us an extra day now that the wind died down a bit. After nearly two weeks of rough seas we are finally enjoying some calmer weather. Very nice! The wind dropped below 25 knots and we had our first sail plan change. We added the screecher (asymmetrical code zero reaching sail) to the genoa and they are beautifully goose-winging it. We are all EXTREMELY excited about seeing land and are counting down the hours constantly recalculating based on the current speed (great maths exercise for Tyrii BTW). Last night a flying fish landed in the cockpit, they're crazy jumpers those little fish. Tyrii decided to sleep with his top hatch closed after that :-)

Did you know that the skipper of a yacht is only second in command :-)