1000 miles to go

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Sat 23 May 2015 21:02
7:26.29S 120:38.12W
We've covered two thirds of the way already! In 11 days! Which is great going. We've been lucky with the wind and have constantly sought out favourable currents. At the moment the sea is very choppy and we're bouncing around quite a bit. But we're not complaining as we keep moving towards our target destination at around 8 to 9 knots!

The kids have started a countdown calendar and we're all dreaming about dropping our anchor in that beautiful Baie des Vierges in Fatu Hiva...

Not much news to report... The days pass quickly and we're well into our routine of night watches (3 hours on/3 hours off). We've turned our clocks back one hour and probably will do another hour tonight as we like to keep the sunrise around 6.30 am. It makes the early morning shift much more bearable. We're all eating well although we're fast running out of fresh fruit and veg. But we still have plenty of broccoli and peas in the freezer. We've yet to catch a fish which would be a nice change from all that chicken, steak and pork! We're certainly not loosing any weight on this crossing as cooking a nice meal seems to be the highlight of our day! The kids and I made a huge chocolate cake the other day and it was all gone in less than 48 hours :D

And then there's the flying fish. A lot of them, especially at night time. While I was on watch last night a flying fish landed in my lap. I had to wake Seathan
to get rid of the wriggling thing and he was not impressed with my girly screams :-) And just earlier the same day the kids were watching a movie, the Smurfs, in the saloon when another flying fish landed on laptop on the table (through the top hatch) and then bounced onto the sofa in between them both. Confusion and screams all round as they thought a smurf had jumped out of the screen but no it was a blue fishy. And then of course we had to do a big clean up because those flying fish are smelly little things. Yuk.