Nothing to complain about today!

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Sun 26 Apr 2015 12:59
02:00.295N 084:30.206W
SOG 6.1knts COG 250
Finally, after five very slow days we are picking up some speed. The first two days were flat calm which was pleasant but frustrating. After that the sea state became very choppy and we had current and wind against us. We had the easterly equatorial counter-current (which runs east between two and four degrees north) against us. We've now reached the Humboldt (the current that feeds the Galapagos) which brings cooler air and heavier breeze. We noticed a change in the sea which is a deeper blue and alive with phosphorescence at night. We've had plenty of little visitors who drop in and have a little rest on deck. One little swallow even ventured inside and rested on the HF radio on the navigation table. Unfortunately he must have been over exhausted as we found him "toes up" the next morning!
We're now heading for our target, the Galapagos, and if we can keep this speed up we should be there in about 60 hours . At the moment we have 350 miles to go before we cross the Equator. A big surprise is waiting for the boys. I wonder how many kids experience a visit from Neptune for "crossing the line" on a circumnavigation. It will be a huge milestone for us all. And yes we decided to stop at Galapagos as it would be a shame not to see these "Enchanted Isles". Let's hope the formalities are not too cumbersome and they don't charge us a fortune in visitor permits!