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Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Sat 10 Jan 2015 15:18
El Dorado!
Last night was a cracking sail, the moon was up and illuminating our wild waves, we are a little under canvassed to keep Rehua on the straight and narrow, she tends to get carried away with the big rollers, not saying she's a get about town girl, she just needs reining in on the big ones! If you've ever dreamed of doing a Bond type stunt where you drive your car off the top of a multi-storey car park, get yourself out here.
El Dorado! gold to us anyway, we snuck a 20 kilo beauty onto the boat this morning, she has been duly dispatched to the freezer and fridge alike, Audrie is whipping up some wonderful smelling fillets as I type, might even sneak a glass of sauvignon :-)
The sea-state is a mess at the moment, 6 meter sets coming from the north interspersed with 3 meters from the east, the latter we assume being a product of the north Atlantic low mixing with the trade sets, either way it's been named the three handed boat, that's what you need to get anything done without being slung across your workspace. Funnily enough a low centre of gravity seems to help, the boys, after numerous ticking's off, continue to swing around the boat like a couple of circus acrobats.
A few hours ago we crossed our halfway line 1100 nm, it feels like we have scaled one side of the mountain and the rest as they say is downhill all the way, we wont get complacent just yet, but its good to know that whatever transpires we are going west.
The evening squalls tend to arrive early which is great for washing the boat but they leave a hole in the wind behind them which is "wallow time", not very comfortable.
For the moment blue skies long may it continue.

Quick update from Audrie too:
Yesterday was sunny and relatively calm and they boys decided they wanted to do some schoolwork (!). I hadn't planned on doing much whilst we are sailing but given that they volunteered for it ... Aeneas wanted to practice his reading (we are at the very simple story books stage) and Tyrii started writing a short story (something about aliens invading planet earth) which he wants to publish on the blog once it's ready. This morning was a busy morning. We caught the Dorado around 10 am and then cleaning it and filleting it always takes a while and is a real team effort (the kids and I handing Seathan all sort of tools, taking photographs, etc.). I have to say, it tasted delicious, beautiful succulent white meat which I cooked "Opa style" (little bit of flour and into the frying pan). And it was a big fish so we have 3 or 4 more meals in the freezer.