Done................. fishing!

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Tue 26 May 2015 15:59
9:04.76S 127:32.00W
Well its now been two weeks out here on the “big grid” and this mornings fare is sun and sea, as much as you can eat, side dishes of clouds and waves are available at no extra charge.
Computer says....600 nm to go, who am I to argue with the “Omnipotent Raymarine Machine”
This mornings action has been and gone in the shape of a $25 rubber squid, just as I was typing the fishing reel started singing it’s “wheeeeee” song, I really have to learn to be more patient, I tightened up the drag, the line was still screaming off the reel and there leaping clear of the waves was a HUGE, 763,575,359 million meters long FISH with a spikey thing at the front, we got at least a minutes worth of jumping, threshing, leaping and diving out of him before it chomped through my line and went on it’s merry way, beautiful, beautiful, sight with the early morning sun behind him, at least the boys got to see it whipping Skippers butt ...... WOW!!! What's the old adage, “a fish in the hand is worth, Oh! about a thousand bucks”???
Anyway, better I got some fun and he got to go free as it would have been a complete waste of a huge old fish!
What are we all wearing today?, well for Rehua, I thought a nice little ORANGE off the shoulder number with some heavily battened daks to complete the outfit, YES, it just has to be Spinny day today, we are getting too far south and the wind is staying east so down with the white sails and up with the coloured jobbies! We all know how much fun that can be when the wind gets up, still it looks pretty and that’s what counts!
Our “BIG GRID” coordinates this morning are
09:04’.573S 127:30’.791W
COG 260T
SOG 6-7knts
Seastate is better this morning, but not a lot!
Wind: YES!
_/)_Rehua on a countdown,4,3,2,1,Beero!!!