en route to Marquesas - day 2

Rehua’s blog: route and anchorage stops
Thu 23 Apr 2015 17:59
5:29.56N 81:42.58W
We lifted anchor around midday on Tuesday 21 April and 48 hours later we've done 225NM... Slow progress but we knew there wouldn't be much wind. It's a very relaxing experience and a far cry from what it was like crossing the Atlantic. We've motored a fair bit and now we have the spinnaker up. It's nice to switch off the engines and enjoy the peace and quiet. There was an abundance of marine life in the gulf of Panama (rays, dolphins, whales, turtles, seabirds, flying fish, ...) but now that we are in the open sea there's not much to see apart from the odd pod of dolphins and a little swallow resting on our boat. We're sailing alongside Blade Runner II who are heading directly to the Marquesas and it's nice to be in VHF reach of another boat. Two other friend boats are also heading the same way and we try and stay in contact with everyone using the HF radio. One of them is planning a stop in Galapagos. We still haven't made up our mind. All our pilot books say that Galapagos has become so touristy and that the paperwork and formalities are off-putting. We'd love to see the wildlife though ... We'll decide when we get a bit closer. A few more days of not much wind and we might be desperate for a stop! In a couple of hundred miles we will also be crossing the equator so we'll need to organise a little party for Neptune!