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Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Thu 6 Dec 2012 11:11
17:47.3N 32:23.7W
Todays title apt as we are totally covered in salt as is the rest of the boat it is collecting in every crack and crevice and on every line..... with the pepper being the dust hanging in the air causing poor visibility. (dont groan.... todays title was going to be Salt-ons of Swing) Bob Geldof said there ain’t no snow in Africa this Christmas time but there sure is a lot of dust and most of its blowing our way. We put the engine on today for the first time just to give it a turn over but it is a useful way of making leccy and hot water so am allowing the crew 3 litres of hot water each today for a shower. hoorah
Wind has eased right off now and gone SE so we are moving nicely full sails up beam reach and the sea is calm. All we need now is the sun to come out....however it looks like Frodo has yet to throw the ring into mount doom.
We are now being blitzed at night by kamikazee flying fish. Most are v small but at first light today there was a lot of blood and fish guts and one dead fish in the cockpit ....not enough for a sandwich though!!!!!
Passed by our first ship (indeed any vessel) yesterday for 3 days ..... the ocean is a big place!!!
Christmas has not bypassed us completely.. we have an advent calendar we bought in spain and we are opening it each day to eat the rapidly melting sweet brown object behind. (I refuse to call it chocolate)
Anyway onwards ...half way point is ever looming, and after a few days of light winds we will be back it seems into honking trade blows which will make for a fast final few hundred miles