again again, why dont you do it again

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Wed 12 Dec 2012 20:26
thanks for the nautical music titles but as usual I will use the play list of my choice......remember the new years panto!
anyway we are still in this claggy weather and its going to go on and on for days it seems. This is not the trip we envisaged but we are trying to keep our spirits up by thinking about endless sunny days on the beaches of the carribean. Last night was orrible with rain like we’ve never even seen in cornwall and strong winds. Today just the strong winds and lumpy seas, its not dangerous but uncomfortable and you dont feel like sitting on deck with the boat lurching around in grey squally nonsense. Where is the mythical force 4 sun blazing stuff. Robin Knox Johnson said in his book I am reading ....the trades are as reliable as the sun....well we havent seen the sun for 2 days either Robin... everything is damp and clammy we feel like we have gone on a camping trip and thought wales might be a good idea.
I am now however an expert on squalls and have catagorized them thus.
Thundersquall...this ones official a squall that contains thunder thunder thunder... oh hang on thats a thunder cat.
monstersquall – big massive thing lasts for more than an hour with huge winds and orrible seas.
Beckham Squall – Squall that comes at you in a straight line and curves at the last minute and misses.
Antisquall – squall that arrives big and black and then all goes calm....we like these
Sneaky Squall...squall that looks like a harmless piece of cloud then suddenly turns on you
if I think of anymore Ill let you know.
Anyway back to sailing this boat  to somewhere warm and sunny... rather then somewhere hot and rainy....800miles to go.