holy bisoctti ...its lanzarotte

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Thu 8 Nov 2012 20:41
29:46.5N 12:40.6W  at 2100
Well we seem to be through the worst of the weather and have had a calm day and blue skys We even ventured to put up full sail nervously looking out for thundersquall clouds...... yes thats what they call them down here thundersqualls (sounds like a character from He-Man to me)  they have been a real pain even when the winds have been light and we put up more main to push us along one would pop up and its reef down again. Good practice I’m think for the real crossing. 1 poor fellow we think in the yachts that left Rabat had his main torn out and had to be rescued, not sure why the rescue but people were sending texts on the satellite phone to see if we were ok been on the news apparently.
As I write this we are sailing under a blanket of stars with another solitary yacht  off our starboard  keep us company and in the distance we can see the glow of lanzarotte.
It is a welcome sight I can literally smell the fish and chips and cerveza from here. However we are still a long way off. We will arrive at local time 12:00 midday tomorrow, so that the locals will have started work and be preparing for their first nap which we shall undoubtedly be joining them in.
PS sorry for the title but theres a packet of polos to anyone who can find a better word to rhyme with lanzarotte.