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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
May 2013
Thu 23 May 09:57 Journeys End and New Horizons 10:40.85N 61:38.21W
Apr 2013
Mon 22 Apr 15:49 Ill be there for you.....Friends!
Mar 2013
Sun 03 Mar 13:33 what goes up must come down 12:38.00N 61:21.42W
Feb 2013
Mon 04 Feb 21:59 Shells sink Dreams float, life is good on our boat. 14:05.19N 60:57.43W
Jan 2013
Sat 19 Jan 17:37 windward ho 14:26.30N 60:53.10W
Dec 2012
Sun 30 Dec 17:49 Bye Bye Barbados, Hello Paradise 13:00.21N 61:14.60W
Thu 27 Dec 22:12 and theres more 13:05.55N 59:37.01W
Sat 22 Dec 14:07 more photos 13:05.55N 59:37.01W
Sat 22 Dec 14:04 photos from the pond 13:05.55N 59:37.01W
Fri 21 Dec 21:08 glad its all over? 13:05.55N 59:37.01W
Thu 20 Dec 09:36 this is the end ...my beautifal friend
Wed 19 Dec 21:39 land ahoy!!!! 13:29.39N 59:06.60W
Wed 19 Dec 06:46 hoh were going to Barbados!!! 13:42.00N 57:48.00W
Tue 18 Dec 14:35 slip sliding away 13:50.20N 56:25.90W
Mon 17 Dec 19:06 moving on up 14:02.30N 54:40.90W
Sat 15 Dec 12:38 float float on 14:42.70N 50:22.20W
Fri 14 Dec 11:32 I can see clearly now the rain has gone...almost 15:17.56N 48:24.17W
Thu 13 Dec 18:17 fear of the dark...... 15:25.30N 47:04.40W
Wed 12 Dec 20:26 again again, why dont you do it again
Tue 11 Dec 14:46 you stole the sun from our hearts.... 15:59.90N 43:16.80W
Mon 10 Dec 18:29 go west
Sun 09 Dec 17:42 hot in the city, hot in the city tonight 16:14.60N 39:14.40W
Sat 08 Dec 09:14 halfway to paradise 16:45.90N 36:19.50W
Fri 07 Dec 11:20 its getting hot in here ...
Fri 07 Dec 11:17 its getting hot in here ...
Thu 06 Dec 11:11 Slide push it....push it real good 17:47.30N 32:23.70W
Wed 05 Dec 11:54 "dont stop movin... 18:36.70N 30:29.00W
Tue 04 Dec 14:02 Aye will wolk 500 miles and Aye will wolk 500 more....
Mon 03 Dec 08:29 rollin rollin rollin keep those wagons rollin 20:32.50N 26:20.20W
Sun 02 Dec 13:24 oh please don you rock ma boaht ... 21:07.60N 24:46.20W
Sat 01 Dec 11:31 mr blue sky, oh tell me why you had to hide away so long 22:35.00N 22:38.60W
Nov 2012
Thu 29 Nov 10:08 For those about to rock.....(again) 25:18.20N 18:25.80W
Wed 28 Nov 10:08 its been a hard days night 26:39.30N 16:32.80W
Sun 25 Nov 12:00 sitting on the dock of the bay 28:55.03N 13:42.04W
Sat 10 Nov 19:46 of swell squalls and stowaways 28:55.01N 13:42.15W
Thu 08 Nov 20:41 holy bisoctti ...its lanzarotte 29:46.50N 12:40.60W
Wed 07 Nov 11:01 living on a prayer....... 31:49.10N 10:45.50W
Tue 06 Nov 10:12 riding huge atlantic rollers 33:15.00N 9:09.00W
Mon 05 Nov 11:45 on our way 33:55.00N 7:18.40W
Fri 02 Nov 15:29 Fes...tering still in Morocco 34:06.00N 5:01.00W
Oct 2012
Wed 24 Oct 18:28 Cakes Coffee and Kasbahs ...stuck in Maroc 34:01.78N 6:49.31W
Wed 24 Oct 18:20 in Marrakech!!! 31:37.60N 8:00.50W
Thu 18 Oct 11:02 Winds in the east, mist coming in.... 34:01.79N 6:49.32W
Tue 09 Oct 18:53 water water everywhere!!! 36:08.95N 5:21.30W
Sat 06 Oct 21:45 Fw:Stuck between a rock..... 36:08.96N 5:21.30W
Sat 06 Oct 21:42 Still here but in a different format 36:08.96N 5:21.30W 36:08.96N 5:21.30W