its been a hard days night

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Wed 28 Nov 2012 10:08
26:39.3N 16:32.8W
Well it wasn't the fairy tale start we were hoping for  but were fine and hurtling down towards Cape Verdes. We slipped our lines after two days delay to allow a frontal system to come through and motored off into a bright moonlit night and then once past Fuerventura we sailed two jennies out down to Gran Canaria and falling in behind the ARC fleet who had also been delayed two days. Then as usual the 20 knots of wind forecast became 25 knots and finally last night 30-35 knots and very rough seas. We are all a bit knackered, the wind is not an issue but the steep seas that come with it throw Jon Jon about. The solution to this is to use a main and genoa but with the wind going from 19knots to 33 in about 30 seconds not a very practical one. At one point last night with sustained 30+ winds I deployed our little storm jib. I am told the wind is going to lighten a tad and hopefully with it the seas. But we are coping and the sun is out as usual....its getting warm.
Today will be rest day and then we need to start getting into our rhythm with jobs and fun...we haven't even had happy hour since we left.