Aye will wolk 500 miles and Aye will wolk 500 more....

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Tue 4 Dec 2012 14:02
Well at 6pm last night we had been at sea for 1 week and passed our 1000 mile landmark this morning.
We are still getting buffeted and battered by strong winds from the East, having to run under jib alone as the 35knot gusts are too much for jon jon even with 3 reefs in the main. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem we could aim straight for Barbados and get there super quick but there is trouble brewing in t’Atlantic by the end of this week there’ll be no wind in the centre so we need to go south and quick. And that means us aiming more into the wind and waves.... its just really uncomfortable and slow....(120 miles a day rather than our target of 138) We are reliably informed by Chris Evans that it will be abating soon...thats Chris Evans on Yacht Tulu not Chris Evans on Radio 2!! So buoyed by our landmark we are all in good spirits and going for it. We expected great downwind sailing not bumping along under a jib.
This morning the winds did lighten so up with the main at last.......10 minutes later sustained winds of 30 knots and gusts upto 38 forced us to take it down.......its just not cricket. we have taken Kirsty off sailing duties as she was finding pulling ropes in this wind difficult until it abates.
Thanks for all messages of support and the puzzles Leslie...we are saving them up for when we are drifting in the sun in light winds ...hopefully soon!!! The pressure one was funny though just as we got it the pressure alarm on my watch sounded and I saw the dial drop and 2 hours later strong winds again....timing!! Can you set us a puzzle about moderate winds in a NE direction  and cool beer next???
Thanks also for the heads up someone (we dont know who you are) on how the blog sounded viz a vie racism etc ...not intentional ......will correct when we can get internet...... just highlighting the bizarre tunes we are listening to.
Anyway south west we go, where it doesnt snow, in a really big blow, for how long we dont know!!!