hoh were going to Barbados!!!

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Wed 19 Dec 2012 06:46
13:42.0N 57:48.0W
yes how long did you think it was going to take to use the above song title!!! Top on Kirstys Caribbean playlist
little over 100miles to go , we saw a (coconut airways) plane heading rather low over our Rum line and got all excited. Yesterday mornings swell went, the wind lightened and came behind and we dropped the main and flew under downwind rig once more.... had a great night sail so far ......cant wait to get ....back to the palm trees!!!!
We will be arriving at night which means careful pilotage and planning as GPS charts are not reliable here. Even in the canaries there were errors and so its back to old fashioned compass paper and plotter. Gonna get loads of rest today so I can stay up most of the night. Its easy to get slack after 3 weeks at sea and we approach land but need to remind ourselves that despite some of the horrible weather we have come through, we were always going to be safe. Unless it was of epic proportions, wind and water would not sink a boat like Jon Jon. Reefs rocks and unlit fishing boats are a different matter. We will stay in deep (200m) water using the depth sounder to check and hold off at the port until we have established contact and got permission to enter. All of us are staying up to keep a good lookout and radar will be on. ok thats enough for those sailing buffs  for the rest of you next post when we see land check back in about 12 hours