slip sliding away

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Tue 18 Dec 2012 14:35
13:50.2N  56:25.9W
Well again more sun more wind and unfortunately more uncomfortable cross swell. After the euphoria of getting going again this has today fizzled a little when a strange cross swell has got us slip sliding across the waves. 2 weeks ago it would have been fun but we are well tired and just want to get there. Still we have just 190 miles left to the island. It doesnt look like we can make landfall in the light and will have to wait till thursday morning to go and clear customs but we hope they will let us anchor till the morning. So tonight will be our last night of shifts....hoorah and im uncle albert, the best one. Happy hour to finish off the beer tonight.  Am starting to imagine having Kirsty and Jon Jon  in the carribean to go cruising from island to island. Ive put all thoughts out of my mind till now, the enormity of the task meant I just focussed on sailing one 24 hour period after another but now it seems surreal that this little boat from Fowey has done this (and that we have managed it not being hardened ocean sailors)
thanks for all your messages of support again.... we love hearing the phone bing
next blog when we can smell rum