I can see clearly now the rain has gone...almost

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Fri 14 Dec 2012 11:32
15:17.56N 48:24.17W
well as usual as I write this its raining. Mentally its actually light rain, wind is on the nose and the sea is calm, bit odd for the Atlantic trades. Its also the first rain we have had for  24 hours. Yesterday was light winds from the south warm air and blue sky...lovely and last night we were treated to a meteor shower in the north and lightning displays from the south where we sat under clear skys and a blanket of stars. We havent seen any ships for a few days now but as we converge on the carribean more sailing vessels are appearing. We anticipate being in Barbados on Wednesday assuming we can keep the speed up. We are so looking forward to getting there and now the weather is becoming more tropical  we can almost smell the rum....almost!!!I think I told you in daysd gone by in the Navy they used to throw a pig overboard on a line to swim towards that smell to show them the way.  Barbados is famous for its rum especially Mount Gay rum and Ill be heading to a Mount Gay Bar to sample the local brew as soon as we land! Were not sure what time we will get there yet as the wind is flukey but being near the equator we dont have to worry about whether the tide is high or not. We are equally just looking forward to some normality like long sleeps and getting up and having coffee in a cafe with a paper. Boat life while sailing is brilliant but even simple things like having a shave are hard work, but I guess I will survive for another 5 days. Last night we had double helpings of happy hour as we suspended it during the really bad weather. 'Happy Talk' blasting out on the stereo and a magnificent sunset had us all dancing with the Captain (Sensible that is).
Anyway the wind has veered on the nose, so the time has come, sail away for the next couple of hours I guess and just motor.
Hope its not too cold at home, bread making has re-commenced in the galley so its hot hot hot again sunbathing on deck is the orders for today