"dont stop movin...

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Wed 5 Dec 2012 11:54
18:36.7N 30:29.0W
listen to the music taking you top places that that you’ve never been before”
well the wind has eased and most importantly the sea state has gone down and we have main up and are flying along on the crest of a wave!! so to speak.
Weve been under a bit of a Mordor type cloud for the last few days even blocking out the moon which brought the wind but we’re hoping to see Gandalfs staff of light soon. All is well on boat...with Kirsty off sailing duties till tomorrow she has been cooking up a storm in the galley ....highlight of last 24 hours was Kirstys new creation, boat  shepherdess pie deconstructed......(veg casserole with smash on top)  but it was by far the meal of the trip and as me and steve faced another dark windy 12 hour night it really lifted our spirits. (as did 2 cans of lager)  We are going to do it again tonight to give Kirsty some more rest and untill the sea subsides a bit more and then its back to the Only fools and Horses shift pattern and I get to be uncle albert first which is by far the best shift hoorah!
Weve seen some flying fishes but as yet none have managed to fly into the galley!!
halfway in 2 days hopefully