float float on

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Sat 15 Dec 2012 12:38
14:42.7N 50:22.2W
Well pop pickers todays blog track title is by a band called the drifters which is exactly what we will be doing in 36 hours time when all the diesel has run out if the wind doesnt come back. On one hand its lovely, no lifejackets required sea is like glass, still a bit swelly but that’s going too, sun is out and raging, Kirsty is up at the bow improving her scots tan and me and steve are playing with anything that will eek another 0.1 knots out of the engine/main but as I write we have offically beaufort force 0 on the wind instrument!!! After hitting that low though as long as the wind returns soonish I’m not complaining we have loads of food water and booze left (although some of it is E1 sangria Kirst insisted on bringing.) We are finally getting loads of sleep and rest to prepare ourselves for some hard fast sailing to make up time.  It is really  hot in the cabins with the engine on but its bearable, although a bake off is going to happen this afternoon which will change that. The choice is stay cool or eat bread...no contest really as no bread means no marmite on toast in the morning which is unthinkable, isn’t it Cara?.  Clocks go back one hour again for us tonight so elongated happy hour so we can drink all the sangria (Im sure it will taste better with rum which is what I plan to do) Me and Steve are down to our last 2 beers and we are saving those for tuesday night.
Well not a lot else to report, cant wait to get there now (Ive run out of melted Twix). Well Ive got a boat to sail and youve probably got to go and elbow some pensioners out of the way to get Christmas gifts for your friends and relatives to restock OXFAM with in the New Year ....good luck with that...I really miss Christmas shopping.......
PS dont forget to buy sprouts... they are devils food but you need sprouts at Christmas to remind you what all the poor people in the world have to eat all year round.