you stole the sun from our hearts....

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Tue 11 Dec 2012 14:46
15:59.9N  43:16.8W
well the weather has turned again. gone are the blue skys and replaced by hot humid grey, large confused swells and gusty winds. We can expect this for at least a few days apparently. Again it also slows us down with us having to keep sail size down so we dont have to keep reefing in the middle of the night.
Its not unbearable though right now we are happily bobbing along at 5.5 kts and just riding the swell but when the wind picks up under the clouds we roll all over the place and crests of water spray the cockpit.
We had an odd night last night with 3 different sail plans chosen before a monster squall (27kts) put paid to all that and we left the jib up for piece and quiet.
However we are loving the I havent run out of Eddies sun cream, Tertia ask Steve if he knows what a Stretch Armstrong is, everyone who has suggested obvious song titles and glad you had a bath Jimmy, was it your birthday?
We are now down to triple figures having done more than 2000 miles and only 900 odd left to go