oh please don you rock ma boaht ...

Kirsty and Lee's Excellent Adventure
Lee Matthews
Sun 2 Dec 2012 13:24
21:07.6N 24:46.2W
todays lyrics inspired by us listening to Kirstys Carribean playlist while drinking wine and sangria last night, which is rather dubious mix of songs that Kirsty thinks sounds like black people are singing them interspersed with Bob Marleys greatest hits.
Well the wind has picked up a little and swell increased which means steeper seas and more roly poly sailing, it has also however moved around to the east a little so we have dropped the twin headsails and are back to more traditional main and genoa which is making the boat more stable and we are going a bit faster....but we will have to reef quickly if we see a squall which means less sleep as 2 people are needed.....we might just run on genoa tonight but it will be painfully slow...what to do? what to do?
We are going to head further south than planned as the latest weather pictures show very little wind in the mid atlantic ...so much for the ARC statement on the trades being firmly established. By heading further to 15 deg N before turning right we stand a better chance of wind and adds no real distance on as the Earth is curved!! . We are currently racking up the miles averaging 5.7 knots and doing over 130 miles per day, we could go faster but it makes life more hectic and uncomfortable so we will plod along like this. ETA in the early hours of 18th December, just in time for Christmas rum punch!
Nothing else to really report, Kirsty has now re-joined the drinking classes and is participating fully in happy hour, Steve is having a fish off the side and Im busy dropping putting up sails, navigating writing blogs and generally keeping boat together.
more from Jon Jon soon