Web Diary Lady Friday 31 August 2007

Sun 9 Sep 2007 16:56
FRIDAY 31 AUGUST 2007                                                Returned to Port Gocek:  36:44.93N  28:56.60E
What a week we've had !   Trying to get everything ready on board so that we can clear out of Turkey and really begin our adventure across the Mediterranean.    Sail delays have been the main thing - our new sails were promised for Monday 27 August, but were delayed because the wrong fabric had apparently been sent to the sailmakers - they were then promised for Friday, but arrived in our absence on Thursday which didn't give us a chance to check them out with the sail man...  So we tried to put them up !   The headsail was fine, after much humping and winching, the sail went up and looks great - the mainsail however, was another thing ... the boltrope which holds the sail to the mast was too small and Bob was able to pull it out of the mast fixing !   The air was blue, a phone call was made and a chap came to collect the sail with the promise of a return on Saturday - another day delay !  We cleared out of Fethiye in readiness for a quick departure once the sail returned.  In the meantime, more maintenance, cleaning, etc....