Web Diary Page 12th-14th September 2007

Thu 20 Sep 2007 23:31
WEB DIARY PAGES 12-14th SEPTEMBER 2007                                    NEAPOLIS POSITION  36:29.60N    23:03.90E
Left Paleokastro early-ish, and motored up to Neapolis, a larger town on the mainland only a mile away.    Stu & Beccs left us at Neapolis to catch a bus/ferry back to Athens via Navplion, and Bob & M went in search of fuel...   with the engine still playing up, we discovered that if we kept the tank full, there seemed to be less of the engine cutting out.   Alas, no fuel on the dock, and after two hours or so of asking, in pigeon Greek & English, there were no tankers available to bring the fuel to the dock.   Then we discovered Sofia, in the fishing tackle shop !   What a wonderful lady - we explained that we needed to buy some diesel canisters and get some fuel onto the boat, so she arranged for her husband to mind the shop, put us in the car and drove us out of the town to the petrol station.   After a conversation with the gas station man, she took us back into town to the hardware shop where we bought four canisters, and the shop owners son took Bob plus canisters back to the gas station, and Sofia took M back to the boat - Bob then had to share an animated conversation with the garage owner about football, and pretend to be an Arsenal supporter, at which point he was given a drink and half a water melon and sent on his way with the full canisters !  Spent the next 48 hours catching up on some sleep, resting our aching bodies and doing some routine (!) maintenance on the boat....   Bob still trying to work out why the engine is still spluttering from time to time.   Left Neapolis late on the 14th for our first night sail towards Zakynthos.