Wed 12 Sep 2007 21:54
SUNDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2007                                                                MILOS POSITION    36:46.53N   24:29.08E
A 50 mile trek west today to Milos, home of the Venus de Milo (and her arms allegedly), numerous pirates, another volcano but this one not as inhospitable as Thira.....   Left Ios early - 07.35 - and had an uneventful sail (yes, sail - no motor) most of the way.  Bright sunshine, but we are noticing that the air temperature in the shade is dropping and the wind definitely has a bit more of a cooler edge to it, the nights are becoming dewy, damp and chilly.  Highlights of the day - Bob's feeble attempt to catch a fish (and those of you who have sailed with him, will know that this is not his strong point !!), and a very close call with a local ferry (quite a large one) that buzzed past us at a distant of about 30 feet.   Arrived in Milos and anchored at Adhamas bay, lovely large bay.  Treated ourselves to a session at the Internet shop, and a memorable meal at a local restaurant overlooking the bay.