Web Diary Page 18th September 2007

Thu 20 Sep 2007 23:50
WEB DIARY PAGE 18th SEPTEMBER 2007                                            FISKARDHO POSITION   38:27.71N   20:34.71E
Headed north today towards Fiskardho, a beautiful little town but unfortunately overrun with too many boats (Bob  counted over 80) and pretentious restaurants and bars, lining all the quays.   Anchored in amongst the many boats, and Rich & M were despatched in the dinghy with the long line to go ashore - what a palava!   Apart from the fact that M couldn't get the hang of steering the dinghy, almost decapitated Rich on the mooring lines, throwing a paddy and wanting to go home - it all went swimmingly well !  Not literally of course.   Lines ashore and all secure, we dined on board and then went ashore to explore the bars etc...    Stopped for a nightcap on the quay, at a bar with a very drunk woman that irritated Bob so much he wanted to punch her -  Luce & Rich went off to investigate a cocktail bar and watch a Man Utd game that happened to be on the bar telly !