Web Diary Page 17th September 2007

Thu 20 Sep 2007 23:46
WEB DIARY 17 SEPTEMBER 2007                                                                    POROS POSITION  38:09.03N   20:46.71E
Luce, Rich & Elaine arrived at stupid o'clock (6am), and we were up, showered and shipshape ready to greet them.  Mike lent us his boarding ladder specially for the occasion.   After a couple of hours rest, M & Elaine went provision shopping, and just after midday we set off towards our neighbouring island of Kefalonia, Poros harbour.  Very little wind, so no sailing as such, put Rich on the helm - engine seems to be working well, thank Goodness !    Arrived in Poros late afternoon, and tried to enter the harbour, which was too shallow we grounded momentarily, so we anchored out of the harbour and went to dinner in a restaurant ashore, overlooking the water.