Mon 27 Aug 2007 23:58
THE ADVENTURE BEGINS ....!                                                                                                                                            Position  36:44.87N 28:56.45E
The adventure began at Gatwick Airport yesterday - Sunday  26th August 2007, when Sue (DP) and Steve dropped us off, with 72 kilos of baggage (yes, 72, and, Bob tells me that he wedged my case in on the conveyor belt so quite a bit of the weight was hanging in thin air .. thank you to the nice check in man who decided that we shouldn't pay for our excess weight and sent us on our way.   Some tears and cuddles at the goodbyes and then through to the duty free shop where I (M) bought a nifty little Nikon camera to capture some images of our Odyssey. One hour delay on the flight.
We arrived at Dalaman airport in Turkey to sweltering heat and little breeze, having met a couple on the flight whose wedding I photographed in Brighton about four years ago (small world)  and turned up at Port Gocek marina to find that Lady Liv was not where we had left her last month !  We did find her after a phone call to the Office, and our current position is 36:44.87N 28:56.45E  so you can see on the map exactly where we are.  Quite emotional at leaving our families and friends in the UK, it didn't seem possible that after almost two years of planning, we were at the start of our journey.   A very exciting prospect !  
A late start, adjusting to the lack of sleep for the previous few stressful days of packing the house up, we spent most of what was left of the morning and into the afternoon unpacking our bulging bags, full of clothes and boat bits - some clothes will have to be sent back to the UK, as we (mainly I) packed far too much, as usual !!   Took the dinghy into Gocek town, dropped blankets into the laundry, where the temperature must have been in the 50s C.  Lunched (at 4pm) at a very pleasant bar/restaurant overlooking the bay, had some amazing veggie meze !  Worked on the boat, organised freezer repair and liferaft service, set up the satellite phone (which is how this diary page will be uploaded) and visited two chandlers in the town, and of course the supermarket !   Bob is flagging with the heat and tiredness today - poor old boy .. fell asleep up on deck this evening, his snoring woke the neighbours.  Too tired and hot to eat out tonight, so feasted on apple tea & biscuits...  Our new sails have been delayed, as the wrong fabric has been sent to the sailmakers from the States, we will be delayed here until Friday now, so will lose out on a day sailing through the Greek Isles towards Santorini (Thira) where we will pick up Stu & Becs, our first companions on our trip.
More news tomorrow, and will update this page most days, along with some images.   Love to our families and friends - we miss you, but hope that you will fly out and join us on the yacht between now and next May !    Thanks also to Gisela & Stan, Rich & Luce, Sue DP & Steve and Jon, for all their help in packing the house up and moving our belongings around the Home Counties and Europe !
M & Heff xx